Erin will...
• build your child’s self-confidence
• develop your child’s appreciation & enjoyment of the water
• maximize safety by training your child to reach the side of the pool & get out
• help your child reach their level of capability at their age/development
• positively encourage your child’s accomplishments and help your child enjoy the process of learning to swim

Erin will NOT...
• yell or scream at your child
• use any props on which your child could become dependent
• create the need for perpetual lessons or the presence of an instructor to enjoy the pool
• teach your child skills for which they are not ready
• waver from maintaining control of class and giving the students his undivided attention



Thank you for visiting Erin Ramsey Swim Instruction.  We are not offering lessons in Atlanta this year as Erin has moved out of the area.  If you have questions, please conact us at  


Our Program Works because we use a psychological approach that helps each child to overcome his/her fears and to gain a confidence that will be the foundation for a lifelong love of the water.  Whether your child is new to the water, fearful, or has been unsuccessful elsewhere, we achieve extraordinary results in a very short period of time. 

Learning to swim is one of life's most rewarding and important experiences. In addition to the safety benefits of water skills, swimming ability will enhance a child's self esteem, build self confidence, and set him or her on a path of a lifetime of mental and physical well-being.

Meet Erin

She has 28 years of experience teaching children and adults to be confident in the water and beyond.  It is more than learning to swim.  Erin's instruction included meeting and overcoming challenges, developing new skills, increasing self confidence, and becoming independent.