Frequently Asked Questions

Are there discounts?

A $35 discount is offered to any swimmer that is registered and paid in full by December 1, 2018.  Host families who host more that one group are offered a discount starting at $100. 

How can my child learn to swim in a 1/2 hour group lesson?
In learning to swim, children must work through physical and psychological barriers in a new and unfamiliar environment. This is best accomplished in small increments on consecutive days.  Our instructor knows what a child needs each day to continue to progress as a successful swimmer.  Usually less is more.
What if I prefer a private or semi-private class?
Our group lessons are highly structured and designed to use group dynamics as an effective learning tool.  In our experience successfully teaching thousands of students, we have found this format to be most effective with young children.  Only when special needs are present do we recommend smaller class sizes.  If you still choose to limit your child's class size, the cost of a full group of four still applies.
What do the lessons cost?  When do I pay?
The fee for a 9-day session is $395 per child.  The fee for a one-week stroke session is $395 per child.  A non-refundable deposit of $195 is required to secure your scheduled time.  Any remaining balance will be due the day of the first lesson.   After you have accepted placement for lessons, your deposit becomes non-refundable. If no placement is available for you, your deposit will be refunded.  Your lesson balance will be charged on the first day of lessons.
Why are the lessons in small groups, and how many swimmers are in a group?
Being a part of a small group helps reduce anxiety, fatigue, and is much more fun for your child.  There are no more than four children in the water at one time.
What should my child bring to the lessons?
A bathing suit and a towel, nothing else is required (please no fins, goggles, mask, floaties, toys, etc.)
When and where are the lessons?
Sessions are available throughout the day April - August.  Lessons take place in heated backyard pools in Atlanta and surrounding areas.  Learn-to-swim Lessons cannot be scheduled at community pools.
What age is a good age to begin lessons?

In our experience, children aged 3+ possess the physical and emotional development to have a successful experience with our program. We are willing to take children as young as 2-1/2 provided, they meet certain criteria.  Please call us to inquire about your child.

Does a parent get into the water?


How many lessons and how long is each?

9 lessons.  Monday through Friday the first week and Monday through Thursday the second week for two consecutive weeks, 1/2 hour per day.  If a lesson has fewer than four swimmers, time may be shorter.

​​Should a parent attend the lesson?

Yes!  For your child, it is important to have the security of a familiar adult/caregiver in an unfamiliar situation.  For the parent, it is exciting to watch your child learn to swim, and observation will help you in working with your child once the session is completed.