Stroke Sessions

Consist of five 1-hour classes, per group of four swimmers, over one week.  (15 minutes per swimmer up to four swimmers)  Because these classes require more stamina, they are designed for those aged 6+ who are already comfortable swimmers.  This is a great tune up for summer swim team or junior lifeguards!  Swimmers will be taught the  four competitive strokes, starting with freestyle, then backstroke, breaststroke and then butterfly.  Each swimmer will progress through the strokes at their own speed.  Some may need more than one session to become competent in all four strokes.

Hosting at your private, backyard pool

If you would like to host one or more groups at your pool, you will be contacted to schedule a date and time once your registration has been received.  For anyone who hosts two more consecutive groups, there is a discount offered.

Registering without a pool

OPTION 1:   Register to be put on a wait-list for a pool in your area.  

Once there is a pool scheduled in your area with open spots  Erin will send an email to let you know the availability.            (Note: If your scheduling needs are very specific for time, date, or location, you may wish to arrange your own pool as options can be limited at particular times or sessions. Openings in groups are often filled by the host and then any remaining spots are offered to the wait-list in order of registration.)  

OPTION 2:  Join a Group 

You can register your child to join a group that you have been invited to join by a friend or neighbor.

Get started swimming in Atlanta, GA

Before registering, please read this information carefully.  

Learn to Swim Sessions

Consist of nine, half-hour classes per group of four, over two weeks.  These classes are appropriate for children aged 3 or over (including older children) who are beginners or working on more advanced skills.  We do not have swim "levels", the instructor will advance each student from where he/she is.  Your child will be taught to swim in one 9-day session.