Terms of Service

I understand that my registration is not valid until my deposit amount of $195 is submitted. My submission of this registration form does not guarantee my requested date and time. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and not all requested times and locations may be available when this form is received. I understand I will be contacted when an opening becomes available and given the option to accept or decline the scheduled date/time or group in a timely manner (5 business days or less). Once my approval for the spot is given, I understand it is reserved for me and my deposit of $195 becomes non-refundable. I understand I am responsible for the  balance the day of the first lesson. If I need to cancel or change my reserved time, my deposit may be credited to another session within the same calendar year only if notice is given at least one month prior to my reserved start date. If I cancel or withdraw from a spot that has been reserved for me within one month of the start date. I understand that I will lose my deposit if the spot cannot be filled. If the opening is able to be filled, I may receive a credit towards another session within the same calendar year if available. I understand that each instructor has limited time and therefore make-up lessons for missed classes are not always available. For hosts: I understand that if I agree to host one or more groups, Erin Ramsey Swim, Inc. reserves the right to fill any openings one month prior to the start of the session (openings are defined as any spots for which a registration form and payment have not been received).