Look happy!

Your child will observe you and pick up on your feelings.  If you appear relaxed and content your child's progress will be enhanced.

Tips for Success
Do plan to swim as much as possible AFTER the lessons are finished
Practice makes perfect and keeps confidence high.  It is critical that your child swims daily for 2 weeks immediately after their session and with high frequency thereafter.
Do not use floaties, goggles, etc. with a new swimmer

If you have been using them, STOP NOW!

Don't talk too much

Leading up to and during the lessons, too much parental discussion or reaction will only produce anxiety. Keep  comments short, matter-of-fact, and positive.  Do not acknowledge negative comments or behavior.  For example, do not tell your child not to cry at any point before during or after the swim lessons.  When you do acknowledge adverse behavior, you will prolong that behavior. 

Absolutely do not swim during the nine days of lessons
This sends mixed messages, and may prolong crying and impede progress.