What if my child cries or says that he/she doesn't want to swim?

Almost all children cry at first in an attempt to control their environment, and stop when they return each day and begin to gain confidence.  Most will stop crying between 2 and 4 days into the lessons.

It is not unusual for young children to be wary of new experiences.  Swimming is an important life-saving skill that will prove to be a great personal accomplishment in your child's life.  You, as the parent, know what is best for your children, and you are the one to make the choice about when they will learn to swim.

How many sessions will my child need?
One session is enough to prepare most children to reach their potential for that year.  With practice afterwards, your child will continue to build upon what he or she has learned and develop new skills without the need for additional lessons.  In the unusual case that additional lessons are needed, your instructor will let you know.
What makes this method work?

Our method is so successful because our instructors overcome each child's psychological and physical barriers in a very short period of time.  The consistency of day-to-day instruction and positive reinforcement along with our keen insight into a child's motivations help us instill the confidence that is foundational to the development of swimming as a lifelong skill.

What to Expect?

Can my child learn to swim in 9 days?

Your child will learn to swim in one nine-day session.  During the session, each child will develop the desire and confidence to swim, along with the basic skills required to propel him or herself through the water and reach the wall.  Most swimmers will exceed these basic skills and our instructors will take each swimmer to their potential.